HFease100 Operating Table (Mechanical Hydraulic)

MODEL HFease100
Control of position Mechanical hydraulic
Max. Table Length (incl. head and leg plates) 2050mm
Max. Table Width (back plate only) 480mm
Lowest Table Level 690mm
Highest Table Level 1040mm
Lifting Distance 350mm
Forward/Backward Lean Angle >20 deg./>15 deg.
Left/Right Lean Angle >15 deg./>15 deg.
Max. Height of Cone >110mm
Upward/Downward Angle of Back Plate >75 deg./>15 deg.
Upward/Downward Angle of Head Plate >90 deg./>90 deg.
Upward/Downward/Outward Angle of Leg Plate >10 deg./>90 deg./>90 deg.
Load Capacity 200kg