Elevation Table (Optional)



  • 6 Way table top for easy and quick patient positioning
  • Smooth movement of the large floating tabletop
  • Ergonomic unit requiring minimum field for installation
  • Rugged modular construction for continuous heavy usage
  • Automatic transverse and longitudinal centering index
  • Minimum object to film distance
  • Radiolucent table with side rails for accessory attachment
Tabletop movement Approx. 35cm (48-83cm) vertical travel (Up/Down)

+/- 33cm Longitudinal Movement

+/- 14cm Transversal Movement

Tabletop to Film distance 5cm
Max. Loading of tabletop 230kg
Tabletop Material 1cm Melamine
Inherent Filtration Less than 0.9mm AI equivalent to 100kV
Bucky Travel 27cm
Bucky device movement Solenoid type
Film format Up to 17” x 17”
Grid ratio and density 10:1, 103 lines/inch
Lock mechanism Electromagnetic lock
Power requirements 220VAC 10A 50/60Hz
Dimension of Tabletop 200 x 73cm