Domina Plus B Autoclave Class B

In line with the growing need for proper sterilization, Dental X is pleased to present the new Domina PLUS autoclave with its fractionated vacuum system. The new model adds a new two-cylinder pump and new software for fractionated vacuum operation to the already numerous innovative characteristics of the Domina autoclave
The new autoclave has three vacuum stages to ensure optimum expulsion of air in the initial phase and a final vacuum stage to ensure perfect drying of all of the instruments.

Using this fractionated vacuum system the Domina PLUS is able to sterilize even the most difficult materials such as hollow instruments and critical porous loads.
Domina PLUS complies with the most recent international standards and has passed the toughest hospital sterilization tests (including the Bowie & Dick and Helix Tests).
All of the sterilization phases and cycles are microprocessor controlled which removes the risk of human error creeping in and provides continuous monitoring of the sterilization process.
Four automatic programs and a computerized control system ensure the autoclave’s proper and safe working even where staff are not present. A special heating system and the use of state of the art components, materials and technology mean that the Domina PLUS has high performance with low energy consumption while complying with the strictest safety standards.


For more than 10 years Dental X has had a quality system that ensures high performance for all design, manufacturing and marketing aspects of its products.
The conformity of Dental X to the European Directive 93/42/CE and CE mark on all Dental X products, guarantees the final user has safe equipment.

On assessment of Dental X’s compliance with EC Directive 93/42 its quality control system was found, by the prestigious international SGS standards bodies, to be in accordance with the requirements of EN UNI 46001 and ISO 13485


External dimensions:

L. 443 x D. 562 x H. 428 mm.

Chamber size :

240 x H 384 mm.

Chamber capacity:

19 Litres

Net weight:

55 Kg.

Maximum power consumption:

2160 W

Average consumption:

1000 W

Supply voltage:

230/110 V



Sterilization 1

5 min. 134C 3 vacuum Indicated for sterilization of every load that could be submitted to 134C (Helix test)  

Sterilization 2

20 min. 121C 3 vacuum Indicated for sterilization of every load that could be submitted to 121C (Helix test)  

Flash Cycle F

3 min. 134C 1 Vacuum Indicated for sterilization of all unwrapped surgical material  

Special S1

Disinfection The operator can select the time, temperature and number of vacuum phases in order  


Big load 4 vacuum 134C to make very fast or delicate sterilization or disinfection cycles. It is the operators  


Big load 4 vacuum 121C min. 134C 1 Vacuum responsibility to ensure that the time and temperature that are in line with sterilization  


Prion guidelines  


Set by operator    
  – from 105C to 135C    
  – from 3 min. to 90 min.    
  – 1-3-4 vacuum phases    
  – 6-10-14 min. drying time