ET – TF – II Infusion fluid warmer


 ET-TF-II Infusion fluid warmer
An in line S type blood and fluid warmer for ward use.
It is an indirect heating device (dry heat) and is reusable
Prevention of Hypothermia and warming patients who are Hypothermic.
Warmed solutions enhance absorption of medication


life expectancy of this product? 5 years
Power supply AC 220V
Temperature Error message range 2 C
Safety cut off? When the heating plate reaches 42C + 2C together with an audible alarm and visual red light
Suitable Infusion speed? 40 – 80 Drops per minute :  2 to 5 ml / min
Total weight of unit 600g
How many parts constitute the unit?
Heating Source: the component that the liquid is flowing through to heat up.
Power supply: supplying power to  measuring + controlling circuits
Control mode: The circuits for measurement, display and heating.
Shell body: Includes upper and lower cover with a magnetic closure.
Contraindications Not suitable for heat -sensitive liquids
How is it mounted? It hangs from a drip stand with an adjustable suspension belt
What is the patient range All Patients
Type of screen LCD display
Display # Displays the fluid temperature at the outlet of the warmer (C or F) on the screen
# You can switch between C + F at the touch of a button
# A YELLOW LED light indicates the infusion is warming up and goes out when the unit reaches the working temp (35C )
# A GREEN Power light indicates that it is connected to a power source.
# A RED alarm light indicates if the heating plate has reached or exceeded 42C.                                                                                                                                               The power supply will be automatically cut off when an alarm is violated, coupled with a buzzer audio alarm and a blinking visual alarm 
What size infusion set can be used The channel is 4mm deep and 4mm wide (standard size)
Self tests Automatic self test  carried out on power up.
Care of equipment # Regular cleaning to prevent cross – infection, observing the standard hospital protocol.
# Keep unit dry – store in box provided.
# Do not immerse in water
# Manual checking of heating parts with a thermometer
# Protect unit from dropping or hitting sharp objects
# DO NOT Wrap power cord around unit – this will cause damege to the cord and malfunction of the unit.
Warrantee 1 Year
RF Emissions RF emissions are very low and will not cause interference with nearby electronic equipment