PT/IV/HLT Infant Phototherapy Lamp

  • Simple to operate (ONE on/off switch)
  • Easily serviced (access slide at the back)
  • Height adjustable for use over infant incubator or open cot (lamp head is weight-counter-balanced, lockable)
  • Hour Timer
  • Mobile, on 75mm castors
  • UV Filter acrylic diffusor screen
  • Telescopic light-tube holders
  • 2,5m heavy-duty flex with 15 Amp. 3-pin plug
  • “Cool” Lamp Head preventing excessive heat build-up
  • Tiltable lamp-head
  • Fits fully over any mobile infant incubator
  • Passes through standard door

For the Effective treatment of Hyperbilirubinaemia (Neonatal Jaundice) of premature babies. Blue fluorescent light produces a fall in serum bilirubin concentration.