Sirio S2




SIRIO S2/T is an important tool for a hospital because it can be placed in theIntensive Care, Recovery, and First-Aid Units.It only needs to be connected to the  oxygen outlet size 3/4 lpm.The ambient air is collected by a jet inhalation system with adjustable percentages.

Nowadays the professionalism is also available for emergency lung ventilation.

Particular of the patient circuit.Particular of the valves group and handle with universal supports.

.SIRIO S2/T is available in portable version with a professional bag, or on light trolley.®

  • Minute Volume
  • Airways Pressure
  • Operative Modes
  • Limit Pressure / CPAP
  • O2 / Air Mixer
  • Mixer O2 AIR
  • Alarms
  • Rate

Ventilation modes:

  • Volumetric Time Cycled and Pressometric
  • IPPV + AST
  • PSV
  • CPAP
  • PEEP (optional).
  • Can be used for all types of lung ventilation, including intensive and awakening respiration with PSV
  • (Pressure Support Ventilation) and CPAP.