LUCAS2 -Chest compression system

  • LucasNow electrically powered, the life-saving medical device offers the most compact, lightweight and portable solution to maintain circulation in cardiac arrest patients.
  • Automated, battery powered device that is designed to give consistent,uninterrupted compressions to victims in cardiac arrest patients.
  • LUCAS™ 2 can be powered either by battery alone or using a wall or car electricity outlet.
  • Patients eligible for treatment: Adult patients who fit into the device,
  • Sternum height of 170 to 300 mm, a maximum chest width of 449mm, the use of LUCAS™ is not restricted by patient weight.
  • Performing consistent good quality compressions throughout a rescue attempt, keeping paramedic’s hands free.
  • Applied within 20 seconds and simple to use.
  • Light weight only 7.8 Kg and fits into a compact backpack measuring just 65h x 33w x 25d cm.
  • IP 43 (Ingressive Protection; Particles and Liquids) Lucas performs 100 compressions per minute at the depth of 4-5cm for as long as rescue takes, provided a consistent source of compressed air.
  • Complying with the new Guidelines.
  • A suction cup and patient straps ensure device security.
  • It works on patients on any location: at the site of incident, and on the ground, during emergency transport, and in the hospital.
  • LUCAS™ 2 is equipped with Smart Restart functionality. When a battery needs to be replaced, LUCAS™ 2 does not have to be powered down, only put into the pause mode, and when the new battery is inserted, the start position will stay the same within 60 seconds from the pause. Operation can be quickly resumed, saving time for medical personnel.
  • New features such as alerts and pauses to aid ventilation during compressions with an unsecured airway (e.g. bag-valve-mask) and quieter operation.
  • A suction cup (for chest recoil) and patient straps ensure device security.