FM-321/322 Fetal Monitor


FM-321/FM-322 Fetal Monitor
  • Compact and portable
  • Offer intrapartum care
  • 12.1 inch 90deg rotating colour TFT LCD screen high resolution 800 x 600
  • Display dual FHR (2FHR is for FM-322 only), TOCO, FM
  • Automatic monitoring function with parameters presetting
  • 1MHz, 12 element high sensitive doppler transducer and TOCO transducer
  • Built-in printer:  112mm/150mm/210mm printer for choice
  • Battery:  Li-ion, rechargeable

4 hours to full recharge during monitoring

6 hours to full recharge when monitor is off

  • Can playback 48 hours monitoring data
  • Built-in TCP/IP interface
  • Built-in network function
  • Built-in network capacity (TCP/IP).  Support connection to central monitoring system with max 256 units monitors.  Optional wireless connection.