Classic-90 Vital Signs Monitor

Classic – 90 Vital Signs Monitor
Heal Force Classic -90 Vital Signs Monitor is a multi-functional apparatus with a compact and efficient system for routine and critical patient care.  It has functions of continuous monitoring, real-time recording and display of vital physical parameters including Oxygen Saturation (Sp02), Pulse rate (PR) and\Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP).

With portable design and high capacity battery, Classic-90 is applicable to not only hospitals and clinics, but also most emergency and fieldwork circumstances.

  • Large and bright LED display for Sp02, PR and NIBP values
  • High resolution LCD display or plethysmogram and system information
  • Accurate NIBP measurement with hardware over-pressure protection
  • High sensitive and accurate Sp02 measurement
  • Measurement of Pulse rate (PR) and perfusion Index (PI)
  • Storage and review of up to 400 groups of NIBP result list
  • Optimized NIBP modes of adult, child and neonate
  • Audible and visible alarm for 3 levels of alarm events
  • “Nurse Call” function available
  • Optional built-in printer for printing waveforms and text information
  • Removable rechargeable battery
Technical Specifications
Non-invasive Blood pressure (NIBP)
Method Oscillometric
Cuff Type Standard Adult
Optional Child or neonate
Inflation Time <10 seconds (adult cuff)
Deflation Time Normal Measurement <90 seconds on average (adult cuff)
Cancelled Measurement <2 seconds (adult cuff)
Initial Cuff

Inflation Pressure

Adult 180mmHg
Child 120mmHg

Protection Limit

Adult 300mmHg
Child 150mmHg


Systolic Adult 25-265mmHg
Child 25-135mmHg
Diastolic Adult 12-220mmHg
Child 12-110mmHg
MAP Adult 18-245mmHg
Child 18-120mmHg
Measurement Accuracy +/- 10%
Measurement Mode Manual & Automatic
Cycle of Automatic Mode Setting range 1-240 minutes
Tolerance 10 seconds
Oxygen Saturation (Sp02)
Method Dual-wavelength LED sensor
Measurement Range 0-99%
Measurement Accuracy +/- 2bpm @ 75-99%
+/- 2% @ 50-74%
Low Perfusion 0.4%
Pulse Rate (PR)
Measurement Range 30-240bpm
Measurement Accuracy +/- 2% @ <100bpm
+/- 3% @ >100bpm
Ambient Temperature Range 5-40 deg C
Relative Humidity <80%
Atmospheric Pressure 86 – 106kPa
Power Supply AC 220 +/- 22V
Power Frequency 50 +/- 1Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 360x320x410(mm)
Net Weight 3.4kg
Gross Weight 5.9kg